BaldiBearART was created in 2009 and began while I was at home with the birth of my 3rd baby Bonnie. Bonnie was called ‘Bonnie Boo Bear” even before she was born, and still is today. Despite the beautiful long hair she treasures today, she was bald for a long time, and often was mistaken for a boy, so I set about making girlie bandanas that were so cute and created alot of interest, that I decided to create a side business of them, calling it BaldiBear Headwear - after Bonnie. That quickly dissipated as I am not the greatest sewer and it was not where my passion was. Still at home with a baby and not very good at sitting still, the creative fire in me was burning away - and having already re-ignited my drawing practice from years back as a way of keeping my brain active,

I decided to forge ahead with my art, (which I should have done all along) - and take it on full time. I changed the name to BaldiBearART.

And so it goes ....

‘Inspired by simplicity and natural beauty - BaldiBearART creates unique illustrations capturing life's precious moments.

"In our very busy lives it is easy to forget to stop and 'smell the roses' and appreciate or ponder the special little moments life brings everyday. In my busy life as a mum of four I know this too well. My illustrations are inspired by capturing life's precious moments. I love that it gives people a little reminder each time they stop and look at it, which to me is a very satisfying and rewarding job done. I'm appreciative everyday that people respond so positively to my work and that I get to keep creating!".

~ Justine

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my first, and ongoing venture ...

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